The remodeling process is very time-consuming. Homeowners have an idea how long a project should take. The remodeler also has an idea how long something should take. Hopefully, the homeowner and the remodeler can agree on a schedule somewhere in between the two. But why does the remodeling process take so long? What causes a schedule for a remodel to be extended? Sometimes, there are good reasons.

Was there previous damage not assessed at the home buying process?

Even when you budget down to the penny, there might be surprises waiting for you behind the wall you’re about to tear down. Take into account when you start to remodel that there could be surprises that will change your budget, making it a challenge to move forward with the remodel on the same timetable. It happens more than homeowners would like to admit.

Here’s a common scenario. You have a set schedule for a remodel to start. The process begins, and then repairs have to be made when water damage, mold, or foundation issues come into play. Be patient, and keep in mind that as a homeowner you did do your due diligence in choosing your home, but sometimes unexpected damage was not on the surface or has taken place since the home has been purchased. It is important that you pick a remodeling company that knows what to do if this problem arises. Sometimes a subcontractor will have to be brought in. Other times the remodeler has the experience to take care of the damage themselves, but it will add days or weeks to the initial schedule.

Were weather conditions poor?

Remodeling a deck for your summer barbecues is a great idea, but you should take into account that the weather won’t always cooperate. Make sure when you are discussing a timetable with your contractor, that you take into account the season and the weather pattern that may or may not extend the project calendar. If you have a remodeling project that is exposed to the elements, you would rather the materials, and employees working on your project be protected. You wouldn’t want an outdoor remodel to take place in bad weather conditions because the final product might end up needing repairs in the near future. You also wouldn’t want remodeling employees to be out in unfavorable conditions because that could either lead to injury or lack of concentration while working on your home.

Take into account the time for design

It’s one thing to receive a timetable from a contractor, but if you are working with a design agency, you must give them enough time to come up with a design that you are pleased with. Researching the square foot of your bathroom and a time frame for completion is great. But remember you can’t get started until you have a design and not just any design, but one that you love! You might even have an idea for design that you love, but once a certified designer views your design, they might realize that the design you have will not function the way you have hoped. If you are going to hire a designer to help your project or previous design come to fruition, realize that they are professionals that only want the best design for your home. It can take weeks for a designer to come up with a design that will align with your wishes and needs. Please allow time for your vision to come to life.

The last aspect to take into account is, did you change your mind?

There could be a final design and a schedule that is solid. The weather conditions could be great, and there could be no damage found to the existing layout. But, when the process started, did you decide that a different color cabinet or plank is what you really want? I know it isn’t the ideal scenario to bring up to a homeowner, but if you change your mind on the smallest aspect of the design, it can change the entire schedule of the project.

Final thoughts on timetables

It is important that everyone involved in this remodel is patient and efficient. Patience is key, rushing to have a design or remodel completed doesn’t benefit the homeowner in the long run. Rushing doesn’t benefit the designer or contractor either. The overall goal of a contractor and designer is that the client is ecstatic about the final project.

Thinking of remodeling your home?

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