There are lots of reasons why a bathroom should fit your needs and personality. A remodel of your bathroom is great for better accessibility and more relaxation. Here are some in-depth reasons why you should consider a bathroom remodel.


Are you frequently cleaning nooks and crannies?

A bathroom remodel can be considered if you find yourself doing a lot of bending over to scrub out a tub, or if you find yourself constantly scrubbing soap scum off of your tile. What if you could create more ease in the cleaning efforts of your bathroom by redesigning and rebuilding? Sawhorse Home Remodeling assists homeowners with a rebuild of their shower or bathroom by getting input on the homeowner’s wishes and collaborating with experienced designers. By remodeling a shower to create better airflow, you can cut down on condensation. Also consider a glass shower door that can be quickly wiped down, like Euroglass, instead of a shower curtain that has to be taken down and washed. Ask a remodeler to properly install a bathtub with feet that raise the tub higher than the current tub inset into your wall. It might sound small until you actually start cleaning your tub or shower. Your back will thank you!


Do you feel cramped in your shower or tub space? It might be time for a bigger tub in your bathroom, or a complete remodel of your shower.

Have you ever wanted to take a relaxing bath, where you fill the tub with bubbles, start to settle into the tub only to have the water line climb to an inconvenient level, or have your knees poking out the top of the water? The water splashes on the floor creating a hazardous slippery mess for you to step out and onto. The process might not be as detailed as mentioned above. But if you have a standard size tub, at least one of those things has happened to you. Have a remodeler take measurements of your bathroom so that you can pick out a bigger tub that will still fit in your bathroom, then have the contractor install the tub. What about trying to have a relaxing shower? You have your necessities all ready to go only to figure out there isn’t enough shelf space for all of your items. Balancing your shampoo bottles on the edges of the shower gets old when they fall over onto the floor. Consider how much space you would like in your shower. Consult with a designer and have them design a shower that allows you more space, and then have a professional create the final product. You would be amazed how much more relaxing a shower is when you have the appropriate amount of space to move around.


Do you feel relaxed while you are in your bathroom sanctuary?

The overall aesthetics of your bathroom should be welcoming and relaxing to you. If you are in a “get in and get out” mode when you are in your bathroom, it may be time to take a second and reevaluate if the layout and design of your bathroom suits you. Next time you are in your bathroom, take a moment to think about how you actually feel while in your bathroom safe haven. It is important to have a bathroom that functions the way you need it to and looks the way you want it to.


Is your bathroom just flat out outdated?

When you first walked into your bathroom, maybe you saw it as simple or vintage looking. But maybe over the years you are realizing your bathroom is just completely outdated. Bringing your bathroom amenities into the current times might be what your home needs. Remodeling an old bathroom can make it feel fresh and new. Do a little research and make decisions based on what you actually want, and need in this private space. You might find that redoing light fixtures in your bathroom, and adding more space does the trick. You might also consider the energy efficiency of newer light fixtures, toilets, and faucets. Although remodeling has a lot to do with obtaining a new look, it can also be about benefiting the planet. Using less water, and less electricity in a newly remodeled bathroom is a win-win situation for both you and the environment.

Thinking of remodeling your home?

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