Sawhorse Home Remodeling is excited to assist homeowners with a remodel that best suits their wants and needs. There are a few questions a homeowner should ask themselves when considering remodeling their home. Sawhorse partners on projects that are beneficial to the client both immediately, and for the long haul. Consider the following thoughts and questions when deciding to remodel your home.


#1: Is the design true to your needs?

While a remodel can be an artistic expression, you should also think about remodeling for function. Do you need to open up the room so that while you entertain guests, they are more comfortable in your home? Having just enough room to either cook or have company isn’t always ideal. Open up the kitchen to a comfortable dining area so that you can engage with your company while preparing food. Think about adding square feet to your kitchen so that you can add larger appliances like a bigger fridge or kitchen island, or more counter space for food preparation and consumption.


#2: Are you planning a new addition to the family, and need more space?

Having more family members sometimes means that you are growing out of your existing rooms. Instead of finding an entirely different home, take some time to think about adding to the home you already have. Everything in your current home could be perfect minus the extra rooms you need to feel uncluttered. To make your home more comfortable, think about converting a guest room into a fully functioning bedroom with a bathroom included. You could also consider splitting your basement space into an extra bedroom. Adding an extra room doesn’t always have to mean adding square footage. If you have the time and budget, rearrange your home to accommodate your expanding family. You might find that a space a bit more organized will make everything and everyone fit right where they belong.


#3: Are you at a point in your career where a home office would be ideal?

If you are lucky enough to not need to commute to work, take full advantage of the opportunity and add office space to your home. You could find that having a space for getting work done will increase your productivity as well as make you more comfortable. You could already have a space that just needs a remodel. Maybe you have an extra guest room that you never use, or you have a large basement that could be redesigned to also include office space.


#4: Is a remodel a better idea for your budget than a move?

Sometimes a remodel is a good idea if buying the home you truly want is way more expensive than updating your already existing property. Are you able to remodel in phases to better accommodate your budget? Maybe the transformation you want to see in your home is easily attainable without drastically changing the floor plan. Turning a more affordable home into your ideal home could benefit your wallet in the long run.

Thinking of remodeling your home?

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