Boulder Bathroom Remodel #1

This master bath was an exciting project to work with because of the unique space available to us. The project went from a functional bathroom to a functional more aesthetically pleasing environment. The project included some relocation of plumbing and storage space to allow for a more inclusive shower and tub. The tub is a spa style vessel surrounded by shutter windows with an inviting view of the mountains. The more creative master bath design was done by Tru Design in Lafayette, Colorado. The remodel allows more light to flow into the bathroom. The chandelier above the tub creates a rainbow effect on the shiplap accents giving the bathroom a more ethereal feel. The vaulted ceilings of the master bath make the dwelling seem more spacious, allowing for its occupants to feel as though they are in a sanctuary rather than an enclosure. The tiling of the bathroom emphasizes the water theme, tying together the motif of the entire chamber.